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Chania, old Harbor

Taste From Crete

Flavors of Crete come from a kitchen with a strong personality, have a complete identity and have many fanatical fans. Not only among those who have blood ties with the Greens but also thousands of others. The food in Crete awakens the children's memories of those who come from the island who face the local cuisine with nostalgia. But there are also lovers who admire the richness and flavor of the dishes. What characterizes it is the freshness of the materials and that makes it qualitative. Good quality Cretan food stands out from the taste of the handmade leaf, the pure, fresh mizithra, the pure oil. It has the secret that is the good quality of the fresh ingredients that you cook without spices, because then it is like wanting to hide something ... let the materials talk to themselves on the palate. Traditional Cretan cuisine is healthy because it wants pure products of the place, but it is also inventive, because with a few ingredients in the pot you make a delicious taste. This is her magic. Here in Monastiri Cretan Cuisine gives us the pleasure to create a modern version and travel with you in tasty sunset,with good wine and sounds of waves ...


Here at Monastiri Cretan Taste Restaurant we are all ready to stand next to each of your for unique moments and cover all your social events. We have the ability to create with you what will fit perfectly to your liking ... Every important moment in your life is a personal affair for us. With an allied experience, art of cooking and the unique view this day will leave the best impression to every guest.


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Akti Tompazi, Old Harbor, Chania 73132


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